The Wild Kitchen


Food and health are paramount. There is increasingly large scale, industrial food production, flown from many miles away or peppered with unknown chemicals. My wish is to merely to balance this by showing what grows around us and how best to cook and eat it.  By enjoying a handful of wild herbs or a frond of nutritious seaweed we are respecting both ourselves and the land whilst having a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Lucia Stuart is a professional, full time forager and wild food cook. She is the author of Eating Flowers, a botanical cook book. Throughout the nineties she owned a cafe/restaurant in the South of France which also hosted gourmet food holidays; ‘French Food from Hedgerow to Market’.

Lucia  bought the tradition of local food from Le terroir back to England and after cooking in London kitchens she launched The Wild Kitchen in Kent in 2012 inspired by the variety and deliciousness of foraged food found in 'The Garden of England".

The Wild Kitchen offers coastal foraging days and wild food events with a client list that includes Kew Gardens, The Eden Project and the BBC where she has been filmed with Paul Hollywood and Dr Michael Mosley. She is a Member of The Association of Foragers and holds a Seaweed harvesting licence.