The Wild Kitchen

  Saturday 11th April: Woodland & Seashore

Wild garlic, spring flowers and nutritious seaweeds; how do they taste & where are they found? After foraging in different picturesque locations we enjoy a gourmet four-course feast in a retro village hall with a salty sea breeze. The wild food menu will be carefully explained plus ways of preserving our foraged food to eat throughout the year.

Sunday May 3rd: Meadow & Coast

Explore the beach for edible seaweeds to take home.  Find fragrant flowers & sweet blossoms in ancient meadows.

Enjoy a sublime Gourmet feast made from wild food. Secret location to be determined.

Sunday 31st May: Asparagus Adventure

Sea swimming & foraging: A wild asparagus gastronomic picnic with a dip the ocean.

Saturday 27th June: Edible Seashore

How to gather and cook seaweeds and wild beach plants as well as flora from the iconic White Cliffs of Dover.

Gourmet Wild food picnic & cook up in our stylish beach hut.

Saturday July 11th & Saturday 15th August: Smugglers & Samphire

Stunning wilderness location with smuggler’s tunnels.

Forage samphire, edible flowers & coastal plants. Fill your baskets then relax in the sun for

an enormous wild food gourmet picnic on the beach.

Sunday 6th September: (Vegan Special) Edible seashore

Gourmet wild food vegan menu in our stylish beach hut.

Gather cliff herbs & coastal plants. Search the seashore for delicious, nutritious seaweeds.


Saturday 12th September: Shellfish Special

Seabed foraging with a gourmet wild food feast: mussels, limpets, algae and oysters.

We believe, the 21st Century means more subaqua cuisine. Let us show you what is available.

Saturday 10th October: Berry Bonanza

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How to book and what to expect

Foraging with Gourmet Feast days are from 5-6 hours near Deal, East Kent. You will be foraging for edible wild plants & exploring diverse coastal landscapes. Included is a gourmet feast, carefully explained by Lucia  Stuart who has spent 27 years as a cook, specialising in wild plants. For an informal chat please call Lucia on 07810 317 866 or 01304 369799 or

Please pay via Paypal below (85 per person) whereupon you will be personally contacted.