The Wild Kitchen


'Beautiful flavours from delicious places'.



Lucia Stuart & Fergus the Forager

Monday 21st May 7.30pm

The Goodshed, Canterbury, Kent

MENU (Provisional)


Nettle, nori, dandelion & burdock root chicken soup

& Acorn sourdough bread

(nettles, laver wild garlick dandelion root, burdock root, acorns, pendulous sedge)


The gift of flowers

(A vibrant celebration of spring vegetarian course; in the form of rice paper flower wraps around the steamed and succulent stem hearts of reedmace, alexanders, wild chervil and burdock)


Wild herb, mushroom & mozarella stuffed wood ear tempura

(vegetarian course with wild chervil, wild garlic, sea beet, penny bun mushrooms, wood ear, hairy bittercress, wood sorrel, hogweed, braken elm flowers)


Main course:

Ashdown forest deer amoung the pines, larch & bracken

(Succulent slow-roast venison in wild harissa crust, with seasonal wild vegetables and accompaniments. 
penny bun mushrooms, winter chanterelles, larch cones, pine, morels, seabuckthorn berries, bracken shoots, acorns, chestnuts)


Italian Picnic in the Woods

(Vegetarian - acorn, leaf curd and elderberry pasta with exotic fillings:- morels, St George's mushrooms, Dryad's saddle, annual seablite, sea purslane, sea aster, marsh samphire, wild garlic, jack-by-the-hedge, reedmace, alexanders, ground elder, dittander, wood sorrell, sea


Aphrodisiac oysters three ways

(Oak smoked and raw wild dressed oysters served with succulent coastal plants, annual seablite, sea aster, scurvy grass, sea arrowgrass, marsh smaphire, spear thistle root, sea purslane, wild garlic)



Elderflower everything

(From Birch and sycamore drizzled fritters to shortbread, ice cream, Turkish delight, cake and sake, this will be a celebration of one of our most well-loved wild flowers)


Sweet Japan

(Maki sushi style rice pudding; wood avens root, rose hips, blackberries, hawthorn blossom, sugar kelp)


Seabuckthorn Meringue Pie

Seabuckthorn berries, ivy leaf, chestnut , leaf, oak leaf, mallow root


Wild crafted cheese please …

with strange & delicious accompaniments

Tea & Coffee

A selection of wild crafted teas and coffees.

Tea: smoked oak leaf, seabuckthorn leaf, hawthorn blossom

Coffee: dandelion & burdock root, acorn & goosegrass seed

Available caffeinated and de-caffeinated

Menu £ 55 per person

(excluding drinks)