The Wild Kitchen

Wild Marjoram Butter

With pretty purple flowers & extremely scented leaves this summer herb tolerates the chalky cliffs, salty air & heat here in East Kent UK. For herb butter that goes well with grilled fish, garlic bread or at the bottom of baked eggs.

     1.     Carfully cut a small bunch of flowers with the leaves attached. Ensure you leave enough for the plant to spread.

     2.     Strip the leaves and flowers from the stem. Loosely chop.

3. Put 200 gms of unsalted butter into a mixer. Add the marjoram flowers and leaves and whizz. Adding Salt to taste is optional. I don't use it.

4. When the butter is blended with the herb roll it into a sausage in greaseproof paper and store in the freezer. Cut off slices as you need them - ideal for picnics.

PS Iced Wild Marjoram tea is sweet and refreshing.